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    the refugee crisis is a godly opportunity

    to ignite Kingdom movements

    among Muslims


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  • AN EXODUS of biblical proportions

    Brings a tremendous opportunity

    for the Church:


    1. To show God's love to those in need


    2. To introduce Muslims to Isa - Jesus in a respectful way


    3. To train new believers to start

    'insider movements'

    11 million people

    Displaced in Syria and migrating


    Unreached people group in the world


    Fled to Europe





  • what we do to help

    A strategic response

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    We Share Impact


    Straight from the field

    Stories that lead towards positive change and the engagement with those in need.

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    We Support Small Initiatives

    The mustard seeds

    We help the relief initiatives of Christians in our network across the Middle East and Europe.

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    We Support Mobile Ministry

    To refugees

    A mobile phone is a migrant's most valuable asset. It's the best way to serve them with Gospel material.

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    We Train Simple Church Planters

    The people of peace

    To ignite 'Kingdom movements' among Muslims to change their communities from the inside.

  • How your donation makes a difference

    Every contribution counts - donate now - bank wire | online donation


    Decide on a cause or make a general donation of any amount

    that we can allocate where it's most needed

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    $/€ 30

    Small project charity

    Help the many small Christian initiatives in the Balkans that provide relief to migrants on transit. This amount will buy a coat, sleeping bag, shoes, or a week of food.

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    $/€ 70

    Mobile ministry package

    This will provide a refugee worker with a mobile ministry package of 5 microSD cards with a preloaded audio Bible, Gospel materials and the JESUS Film in Arabic.

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    $/€ 150

    Production of an impact story

    Stories about how God works among refugees and Muslims will help mobilize the Church to participate in this strategic mission.

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    $/€ 700

    Simple church planter training

    The best way to reach Muslim communities is by training indigenous workers to become the kick-starters of 'Kingdom movements' within their ethnic culture.


    Why this is a 'kairos' moment of opportunity